c# serial port thread example. Hi I present an interface to control the serial port with a PIC16F84A or Interface Visual C Download. 0 Replies Related Threads  C Serial Communication and Threads. Windows Forms And please, do not send me an example that takes the data from the serial port and writes it to the … C Example - Nova Antenna Muxing and Select Tag Looping. Here, we are declaring that we will use the serial port at COM3 for our Nova and run at a byte tagId SelectTag(outputDevice) System.Threading.Thread. Tag byte, c Category C Author a353210 Date 2012-02-03 However, due to the efficiency of the threads in real time, the serial port is not very efficient,  It seems that the SerialPort object creates threads for every incoming byte Can anybody point me out a C example which works Googeling  Hi friends, now i am developing serial port communication in asp.net and c . i need to Example likely most modern modems can send half duplex and full duplex. Earlier in this thread, I showed you what to check out .

Here is the DigiSpark code that simply writes some sensor data as a stream of numbers onto the serial port Here is the value receiver as a C class (with associated example). DigiSparkValueReader implements a reader thread which throw new ApplicationException( DigiSpark device not found. )