motorcycle club patch rules. Motorcycle Gangs � Suburbanites vs the real thing Real life encounters My rules around them, be polite, talk bikes, don t look at their women  One reader asked if you could wear the 1 er triangle patch on their cut . The beginnings of an outlaw biker - Dallas Scorpion MC tells his  “They re OK allowing some smaller motorcycle gangs to be there, as long as they don t wear a Texas bottom rocker. The Cossacks are a little  NO RULES RIDERS IS NOT A MOTORCYCLE CLUB IT S A RIDING CLUB No Rules Riders must have a motorcycle endorsement to wear a full back patch  And please don t confuse MCC s with MC s, or it will get nasty very quickly. to MCCs � Motor Cycle Clubs � and wear their patches on the front or side of an altered version) and then lay out the rules for your future conduct. Approximately 400 Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs are currently active in gangs in California with a combined membership of about 2000 Membership rules are. HOG patch s by our rules state no club can issue a three piece patch . is HOG will NOT have a bottom rocker or the word MC on their patch.

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